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Suffusion definition, to overspread with or as with a liquid, color, etc. See more. Suffusion is when something slowly spreads throughout something else, like a feeling or a color. The suffusion of red into your friend's cheeks will show you that she's embarrassed, for example. The noun suffusion is useful for talking about the gradual saturating of some substance. Medical definition of suffusion: the act or process of suffusing or state of being suffused with something; specifically: the spreading of a fluid of the body into the .

Synonyms for suffusion at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for suffusion. suffusion (countable and uncountable, plural suffusions). (countable) The act of pouring a liquid over something. (uncountable) The state of being wet. Definition of suffusion -.

Looking for online definition of suffusion in the Medical Dictionary? suffusion explanation free. What is suffusion? Meaning of suffusion medical term. What does. Suffusion's features help build any kind of site – Photoblogs, Journals, Product pages and the like. Start out with one of several bundled skins, and spin your own. Examples of how to use “suffusion” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs. Meaning: "a pouring over," noun of action from past participle stem of suffundere " overspread, pour beneath, pour upon," from sub See more definitions. Suffusion. The Suffusion Theme for WordPress used to be distributed from the official WordPress site at suffusion.

Conjunctival suffusion is an eye finding occurring early in Weil's disease, which is caused by Leptospira interrogans. Conjunctival suffusion is characterized by. Suffosion is one of the two geological processes by which subsidence sinkholes or dolines are formed, the other being due to collapse of an underlying cave or. The typical leptospirosis patient has a history of water or animal contact, conjunctival suffusion and severe myalgia. It is important to solicit these findings in both. '"1 + 1" it could manage ("2"), and "1 + 2" ("3") and "2 + 2" ("4") or "tan 74" (" "), but anything above "4" it represented merely as "A Suffusion of Yellow".


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